SFX Studio Ben Haviour

Sound & Music for your Project

Professional sound design, recording and music for your apps, games, commercials and films.


Composing & Producing Music

Being a multi instrumentalist I have always been playing in a lot of bands and thus built a versatile foundation for working as a producer. Electronic, Ambient, Blues, Jazz, Alternative, Rock, Techno, Deep House, Glitch are some of the styles I like to work with.

Recording, Editing Programming & Mixing

Recording and mixing for film, music and multimedia installations. Programming drums and synths for singers. Recording in professional music studios. Editing instrumentals, vocals & all kinds of noise.

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Sound design

Sound influences the perception of our vision, whether it’s games, apps, video installations or film. Therefor it is really important to be certain about the tactility you want to induce. With that in mind it is possible to define any emotion for motion picture via sound.


Passion for Sound

Thinking about making music or working on sound projects gets me up in the morning. This is clearly what I love to do and where I keep pushing my boundaries.

At the age of 15 I started recording sounds and instruments and experimented processing them. My interest in sound design grew and brought me to the Bauhaus University Weimar where I studied at the Studio for Electroacoustic Music. There I dove into the world of sound synthesis, programming & composing and enjoyed to help a lot of friends and clients to find the right sound for their project.

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